Art: Lover, Fundraiser, Manager & Artist Liaison


CarolineHB: Bespoke Art Management and Consultancy.

I work with Artists and Collectors to produce mutually beneficial relationships.

As an Art lover I believe in the transformative powers of the Arts, and the cultural impact it makes on everyone's life, intentional or not. The career choices I make; which projects I to choose to work on; the subjects I decide to speak on; and messages I choose to promote are all reflective of my belief, that Art can change lives.


With a career of over 13 years, I have a wealth of experience spanning the Creative, Art and Heritage sector.

I offer a bespoke project management service for time-specific programmes and projects for artists. As a fundraiser, I provide consultancy on Membership programmes and Major Donor stewardship strategies. For further information, please refer to the about page.

Museum of London got Flashed and liked it!


On Saturday 29th October 2016 at exactly 11.30am Museum of london got flashed, by approximately  60 POC  (People Of Colour) women, men  and children dressed in blue lead by the Museum Detoxers. The flashmobbers, lead by Museum Detoxers were empowered as a mass to become self appointed gallery assistants. The politely welcomed visitors intoduced themselves and…

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I am not sure what I can say about one of my most ambitious and successful students.

- Prof. Hakim Adi



LabelMe – A T-shirt brand with the 'soul' purpose to inspire and re-affirm the Womanist, and all those who love her.

The slogans on the T-shirts are an attempt to re-address the aggressive messaging which drives a simultaneous association between the black female form and negative characterisations such as, Hyper-sexualisation, Aggression, Unattractiveness and in recent years ‘Ratchetness’. The slogans have been developed to celebrate how we love, our strength, our success and the power of our voices.

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