Frieze (1:54), lets take a moment

October is nearly over, and now when you hear Frieze, it will be in anticipation for May 2017 in New York. But before we hurry on to the next one I wanted to take a moment to applaud 2016 with five points/moments/tips I felt worth sharing.

First being, we call it Frieze week, but that is not what its all about. I do enjoy frieze, I want to see everything on preview day, and I spend weeks in advance booking tours and associated events. But Frieze isn’t the fair which gets me excited most. Instead its one the many art fairs who schedule their dates to align with the big brand. I get excited about I:54. An African Art Fair representing all 54 countries on the content and those of the Diaspora. An art fair which is in its 4th year and has secured it’s self as a staple in the art scene calendar, notably because of the caliber of the art work, but also the trending value of African Art on the Art market, but that is another post for it’s self. I:54 is a must of all the fairs; catch it in 2017 because you can’t afford to miss it!

Secondly, it is this week I am reminded of the artists I love, and I am introduced to potential new loves. Betty Tompkins took me back. ‘Womens’ words’ had me feeling vulnerable and empowered all at once in the company of strangers. ‘Tagged’ by Modupeola Fadugba gave me that new love butterflies, I now tell everyone about her. Her technique is visually beautiful, but its the concept of her work which is captivating. ‘Tagged’ shows her vunerabilty, resiliance and confidence as a young artist. Check her out!

Thirdly, if you are in the art sector in anyway and are based in London, this is our time to network. Even those who don’t go to frieze, are in London. This is a time to pollinate creativity and negotiate opportunities for support. Those who are our greatest lover in the art sector, do not necessarily work in the sector, the show’s, tours, in-conversations’ and parties are mediums for you to make professional relationships, not just to have fun.

The fourth point, get a friend. They don’t have to work in the arts, but they should probably like it. Make sure they are socially independent, you can leave them and go off and talk to someone else and know your friendship isn’t over; they know you are working. They are professional, so will not take advantage of the hospitality and leave your reputation in shatters by association, and most importantly they can act as your wingman into those conversations which are easier to start when there’s two of you. Get a friend for the next Frieze; I have two, one for standby.

Finally, but obviously the most important, make a plan. This plan should include what you are going wear, what you want to see, and who you want to meet and then make an another plan on how you are going to make it happen. This week for anyone, in London, in the sector, should only mean, Work, Work, Work at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!


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