Museum of London got Flashed and liked it!

On Saturday 29th October 2016 at exactly 11.30am Museum of london got flashed, by approximately  60 POC  (People Of Colour) women, men  and children dressed in blue lead by the Museum Detoxers.

The flashmobbers, lead by Museum Detoxers were empowered as a mass to become self appointed gallery assistants. The politely welcomed visitors intoduced themselves and shared facts relative to the collection and linked to the history of POC. This sharing of knowledge was met by most with excitement with many joining the flashmobbers to take selfies, which they retweeted on social media. The flashmob brought the Punk gallery alive.

The Detoxers are comrades in arms. Members of the Arts and Heritage, and wait for it they are POC  too. They (we) exist! Art managers, curators, educators, art handelers, archaeologists, marketing managers and artists, and we are here to stay, and increase.

This band of merry Musuem and Gallery workers formed originally  to meet for a drink and detox (the name says it all) have taken up the banner to show just how much we love the spaces we work in and how we want to increase access, engagement and visibility of POC.

If you are interested  in some cross generational gallery morning fun, and are POC and are partial to a bit of flashing please feel free to comment, or keep your social media senses heightened for word of the next #MuseumDetoxFlash.

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