• Winston Churchill Fellow

    2014 Winston Churchill Fellow. An eight-week programme of placements and interviews at over 8 Art institutions across North America to develop a better understanding, of Fundraising and Project Management. Notable experiences' were a two week placement at the Brooklyn Museum for the opening of ‘Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-stuy, and Beyond’ and the preparation for the forth coming Exhibition ‘Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic’; and a one week placement at Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art, a small  dynamic team who are pioneering in their view of fundraising.

  • Word Cup 2010

    Artist Coordinator of 6 young female poets from Northampton under the management of Aprils Dawn to enter the Word Cup. Under the Creative Direction of Roger Robinson. The poets produced three pieces of work and performed their pieces on a national stage in Manchester .

  • Northampton Carnival Art

    Stage and Programme Manager Since 2007 I have worked on four carnivals as both a contractor and a committee member. I have produced the artist development programme for artists to develop the skills necessary to perform on the main stage, alongside managing and delivering the full entertainment line-up for one of Northampton’s biggest public events.

  • Breathing New Life

    Project Manager of pop-up multi-art space, located in empty retail spaces. The programme was a collaboration between a small pool of artists and a local council. As project manager I acted as a medium for all stakeholders . The programme prevented empty retail space from becoming disused visuals of deprivation, instead they showcased spirit and faith in future possibilities. The artists were able to flourish creatively, developing and showcase new work.

  • Jungle

    Project Manager and Producer of Jungle, an immersive show, showcasing business from within the local Creative Hub. The role required the management of the creative and the commercial. Jungle was an opportunity for creatives to target their potential customers while not forsaking the quality of their art.

  • Profile Ur Self

    Project manager and Co-Producer of Profile Ur Self an Artist development programme funded by the European Social Fund (I personally secured the funding streams). The programme was focused on professionalising the skills of local artists, while identifying their transferable skill base and making introductions to other professions, increasing their employability. The programme was a great success with the showcase receiving significant support in the regional press, local MP's and councillors, alongside artist support from Boy Better Know,  Jammer and inspirational speaker Politician Duwayne Brooks.

  • Afro Hair and Beauty

    Creative Director for Amani Hair Studio's 2010 Afro Hair and Beauty competition entries, which won the 2nd and 3rd places. The role required the drawing of both  creative vision in the production of three couture entries but also the need to project manage the stylists.


2014 Winston Churchill Fellow I am not sure what I can say about one of my most ambitious and successful students? - Prof. Hakim Adi
Word Cup 2010 Caroline Hussey-Bain is efficient yet empathetic. She is about numbers but she is also about people and emotions. In these times when everyone is stuck on their phones, we need people like her. - Roger Robinson  
Stage and Programme Manager: Northampton Carnival Art Consortium. The 5 Ps are extremely important when a person has committed themselves to a project of any kind.  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  Caroline brings a 6th P to this which is Passion.  She is passionate about culture and everything that pertains in any to it and this is brought out by her hard work when she is involved at any level in an event. I have worked with Caroline on different levels but the main example I will use is Northampton Carnival.  She took on the massive task of organising and managing the stage for two years for Northampton Carnival.  She was involved from auditioning artistes, selecting the right stage, planning the programme and managing it on the day.  She did not hesitate to delegate tasks as any good manager would but she also kept her finger on the pulse and was always aware.  It was a pleasure to work with her as a colleague in delivering a huge event for the enjoyment of the community of Northampton and visitors. -Myrle Roach
Breath New Life Caroline was a delight to work with, very efficient and really worked well with the team. -Caroline Chi-Chi Chinakwe
Jungle, Caroline’s Project management is unquestionable her ability to marry creativity with generating income is what made Jungle such a great success as a business model. -Joanne Bernard
Creative Director, Caroline Directed from behind putting our ambitions at the forefront of all discussions, while aligning the salon’s theme and the stylist’s different skill base. - Victoria Yussif

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